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Deceitful business practice

! Do NOT order or trust The LAKESIDE COLLECTION COMPANY! . They lie, they cheat, they misrepresent and they try to rob you. On 10/26/20 I placed a large order with them which offered 2 promotions to me. One for $3.99 shipping on total order and a 90 day deferred payment. I ordered with a rep from them on the phone. The rep made an error in my ordered and they cancelled my order without notice. When I went to check on order status this morning I first learned of its being cancelled. When I called to find out why they told me the order was over the limit of $200 I told them that was wrong and anyway my limit was $500. They then told me no it is $200 without any reason why. I said ok it doesn’t matter cause my order is under $200. They then said me to two more reps who proceed to go over my order and are telling me my order is close to $300 which I can not understand because their rep who took my order put it in without issue for 192+ on 10/26. Bottom line after speaking with a supervisor named supposedly Ignacio that he would check the tape of my call on 10/26 and I could call him back at this number 1-847-604-7712 and he would make good on price I was quoted. Problem was they could not guarantee items would all be in stock. I told him he would have to find them because when I ordered on the 26th all but one item was in stock. So I finish that call without accepting the out of stock on certain item story. Rocco and I then recalculate the items and see that the original rep only charged me for 1 item instead of 10. Which I had not realized at the time I placed the order. I try calling Ignacio back at the number he provided me and it is not in service. So I call back the main number intending to forgive the original rep who made the error and place my original order with different quantities. So I start to place the order again with a new rep (5th rep I have spoken to today after 2.5 hours on the phone). My patience is wearing thin about now as he tells me he cannot provide me $3.99 shipping could code expired and that the supervisor Ignacio cannot override to give me free shipping as he said. I said I want the 3.99 shipping promo I was promised on 10/26. A supervisor woman gets on the phone and without caring one iota about the aggravation, lies and misrepresentation from this order that there is nothing she can do and will have to charge me full shipping now! With that I told them to take me off there mailing list and they will not get away with treating a g ood faith customer this way and hung up! I decided to write about what happened to me an innocent customer from this company. I think they may be foreign anyway which I had not realized until speaking to 4 of the 5 reps. 4 of them has heavy accents which may have been From India or another Asian area. One of the reps from credit department was a black woman who sent me on to Ignacio (probably a fake name) with the fake phone number! My advice? Do not be taken advantage of my this Company. Stay clear of Lakeside Collection. They lie and they misrepresent their product and their promotions.

One response to “Deceitful business practice”

  1. Always say it well Kathy. I shop in Macys & Amazon. Too many crooks out there & usually from China & India. I don’t know why our government lets them do this to the American people but they do.


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