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So the latest bit of fluff I am hearing is how Facebook is supposedly forcing right wing ads, news, etc on FB users. This is so far fetched. FACEBOOK began as a ”social” media platform the key word being social. Not a political platform medium. It is the USERS ourselves who CHOOSE what we want to see and interact with. You have full access to deleting or hiding any posts you do not want in your newsfeed. FB’s techs do not stop you …the user …from doing that. So it is BS. They allow politics to expose their views as they do for all users. I object to the forced banning and nonsense jail they are now doing under the guise of spreading false information by people called fact checkers. We do not know anything about these fact checkers or any of their affiliations so they have no right to judge other’s posts. FB has always had rules no violence, abuse or any unlawful acts posted on FB would be allowed. That was more than fair, freer and comforting actually. FB gave millions of people a chance to connect with far and near families, long lost friendship, pet loving connections, etc. THEIR NEWS or Information from their USERS helped others know about traffic, weather, amber alerts, Silver alerts, and other dangerous situations and they are a public service that should be appreciated. All this bashing and changing of FB by politics is ridiculous! I am calling it as I see it. I would go as far to say it infringes upon our freedom of speech and expression without harm. Bottom line is USERS control their feeds these tools were put into place long ago by FaceBook techs. It is up to the USER to utilize these tools. Delete, hide, whatever post you don ‘t want to see or believe. Stop forcing Mr. Zuckerberg who gave us this platform to comply with political force by affiliated groups to change what he generously gave people as a source of communication. This tool that users control and particpate in is truly a gift and it is being damaged by political nonsense! I for one will always be grateful for FB and it’s user oriented platform for giving me a pleasant window to the world and a stronger bond with my family and friends near and far.

And that is the way I see it here in Jackson!


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As an average, American born woman I’ve decided to write and share my thoughts and beliefs in a blog. This blog will be very simple and hopefully click with the rest of the people out there, who feel as I do, but just can’t express it with words, on a variety of subjects.


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