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The Blues

Some people hear the blues and the first thing that comes to mind is music. Other people hear the blues and it denotes a feeling. It isn’t a feeling that one can easily explain since it is an emotion I believe from the brain. It isn’t the same as depression for depression one must be lacking the necessary amount of brain chemicals/hormones that control ones thought and/or feelings. I was tested for those and I am lacking the necessary elements that cause physical/mental depression. However, I am definitely among the lucky few who experience the blues quite often as of late.  The Blues are sneaky.  One minute you are going about your day as usual and the next you feel this despondency wash upon you as if “out of the blue” you are shaking to the core on the inside.

Anyone who has experienced this must know exactly what I am talking about.  It is so overwhelming that any plans you have made go flying out the window.  You have no idea what happens.  The Blues come without rhyme or reason.  They have a very controlling way about them.  Used to be they couldn’t get hold of me for long because I would immerse myself in some work project or cook up some elaborate meals while drinking a glass of red wine and dancing to the rhythm of the preparations.  However, those things are not so easy for me anymore because my body lately refuses to coöperate with my best laid plans.  

To borrow some more song lyrics, “baby the rain must fall, baby the wind must blow”, but must it fall so often and be colored blue?  I truly dislike the blues and the uneasiness it causes me to feel.  Who could like feeling confused, no ability to concentrate on any one train of thought, and zapped of energy!  I certainly don’t like it in any way shape or form.  Earlier I mentioned music.  Music, if chosen correctly, is the cure that I found for my blues.  Some songs can reach deep inside my soul and remove this awful sensation that my little world is caving.  I have no explanation for any of this.  I only know it is an absolute truth.  I find that my particular key to unlock good feelings is the music from the 60’s.  Groups like Herman’s Hermits, the Troggs, some of the Beatles, some of the Rolling Stones, Elvis (naturally) and so many others have created tunes that match my inner spirit.  These wonderful sounds can fight my blues for me.  I can feel the struggle inside myself at times.  The blues trying desperately to keep me down, trying their constant trickery of masking a false sense of happy feeling and then coming back “out of the blue” so to speak.  I just turn the volume up and can feel those sounds penetrating deep into my soul pushing those blues right out of my system.   Before long I am back to my best laid plans and life has a new meaning.  My heart grows fonder and my soul reaches levels close to euphoria, well not quite euphoria, but close.  Many times, my granddaughter can cure me of any blues I may be having.  On the days when I get to experience her amazingness (if that is a real word), I can do nothing less than concentrate on her adventures.  She can always bring a smile to my face and my heart even when she prefers her Nonno to me!

I am almost in round fifteen of this battle and I think soon these blues will have turned to a bright shining orange, reminiscent of a beautiful sunset along a quiet shoreline.  At least that is the knockout result I am counting on!

And that is the Way I See It here in Brooklyn,


3 responses to “The Blues”

  1. Love your blues post.


  2. Beautiful post.


    1. Thank you! I miss you, my friend!


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