Legal loan sharks

Today I am in an “everything sucks mood”. Let’s talk about two areas in today’s society. First, the lenders and then the politicians who sit back and do nothing about the lenders’ loan sharking habits.

Inquiries are exactly as they are described in the dictionary. A consumer wishes to learn about offers so they call or write one or more of the thousands of lenders out there to find out information. The lenders then tell the consumer they have to do a “soft” credit check which won’t affect their credit report. That is the first lie they tell you. Almost as soon as you hang up and recheck your 800 credit report number it has dropped to 770. And if they do a “hard” credit check it drops even further to perhaps 720 or worse. So you are already placed in a lowered rating category and there is the opening for the lenders opportunities to either raise the interest rate they charge or rescind their offer to you because of some bogus debt to ratio numbers. Not only had their claim to “ pre-approve you or already approve you” been the biggest bull crap line of the century but the humiliation a person feels for just inquiring in the first place dampens one morale and causes stress tenfold in their lives. Why? Cause you begin to realize how far it has come where Credit Reports and Lenders control your financial life. Unless you are rich, you are under their thumbs and like talented puppeteers they will pull your strings from here on end.

Okay let’s talk about our Representatives in Congress who make the laws for ALL the Nation’s lenders and credit reporting agencies. I have no interest in choosing political parties here. To me that plays no part since they all vote to make these legal loanshark practices available to lenders with the aid of the credit reporting agencies. This enemy of all consumers who do not happen to be rich are the puppeteers. Credit reporting agencies should be stripped of their power to lower the consumers credit worthiness based on inquiries whether soft or hard! I’m not talking about their use in showing lenders the honest actual debt to ratio numbers they crunch or the credit use of consumers. All that is in place to protect the lenders from getting bilked out of their funding. No, I am talking about the loan shark practices they have adapted which are compared to leg breaking within a week if the loan shark doesn’t get their money back. That is what I am comparing inquiries to. A consumer regardless of their credit standing should be allowed to inquire without being penalized for having their credit checked soft or hard! The final decisions to lend money is already in the hands of the lenders and accepting the terms offered is in the hands of the consumer. There are already legal steps in place that protect both the lender and the borrower, so the Credit Reporting agencies should have no control over that process! They are there to Report a person’s credit worthiness or not! Not raise or lower the numbers of that rating because of a soft or hard check by the lender! This form of control is loan sharking 101!

So consumer BEWARE! As innocent as you may think an inquiry is, it isn’t. Whether soft or hard it will hurt your credit rating! Please write to Reps like AOC or Elizabeth Warren (although I disagree with them on most everything) I think one or both of them would pick up the gauntlet thrown down by the innocent consumers against the loan sharks in the credit reporting agencies. Try to accept that no matter how hard you try to live in a cash only world unless you make a six figure salary, you will never get ahead of credit……that is never gonna happen! I can’t even get started on retired folks who live on limited incomes and no savings to fall back on! In today’s world most retired folks are one doorway away from homelessness. Medical costs alone are destroying them, but that is a whole other blog!

And that is the way I see it here in Jackson!


An Important Day

February 3, 2020 the closing arguments on the floor of the United States Senate are being presented in the trial for Impeachment of the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. I have watched both the hearings and this trial since they began and as a citizen of the United States it is my belief that the media coverage of these historic events have placed me in the role of “juror”, which affords me the right to form an opinion based upon presented evidence and self deliberation in this historic case.

I have witnessed through media coverage the absolute and total partisan presumptions that the sitting President has acted outside the law of the Constitution, in bad faith and abused the powers given to him by the people, for the people with moral intent to harm the country of which he leads. NOTHING and I emphasize, NOTHING has been presented to me as evidence or intent on the part of the President that proved any of these accusations as being anywhere near the truth of his actions. Instead all of the actual evidence actually proves is that he, in his own way, exposed the ongoing issue of the USA that the very countries we aid and support worldwide are often accepting our help in the midst of their own country’s internal corrupted governments and conflicts outside their own borders. In fact, by the very nature of his action in releasing and declassifying transcripts of calls with a foreign power, he has given citizens the very reason why we continue to help these countries in the first place. That shows me that he puts our country first in these worldwide dealings and as its’ leader our country’s well being and interest is of paramount importance in his decisions.

The way in which the Democratic led House of Representatives handled the hearings for the inquiry into Impeachment was in my personal observation biased against the President with true personal malice and a total lack of fairness, due diligence and protections afforded to the President from our very own Constitution. This was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the evidence provided by the President’s own legal counsel in these Senate proceedings. The House presented evidence of personal hatred, policy differences, presumptions and assumptions from all its’ witnesses as well as from the House managers themselves against a sitting President. Their own evidence, presented to me through media, could be undenied by me. As a “juror” it is my responsibility to assess all the facts as presented and to form a judgement of another human being with an open mind. I listened closely, I observed well and I waited for everything to be heard before I came to my conclusion that the President did nothing wrong in the explanation of the laws nor was his intent to do harm to our country or any other country that is aligned with our policies and beliefs.

Being a juror is a hefty responsibility. Its’ very description carries with it a heavy burden to be fair, impartial and sincere in deliberating a verdict that will forever imbed itself not only upon the person being accused, but on our very own conscious and soul for years to come. That is why to be a juror our minds must be open, our opinions must be fair and our decision must be based on evidence as well as consideration of intent of the accused. The important title of “juror” is provided by the laws that rule us and should be but often is not, viewed as an honor and a privilege. For me it is. So it is with absolute confidence that on this important day in history, I give my verdict that the President is innocent of the charges made against him and that this impeachment be voted on as unwarranted, vindictive, and unfairly brought to the Senate floor on a partisan political basis and the President should be acquitted without prejudice and this unproven impeachment reasoning be abolished from the history books for all time. The President should not be scarred or marred for doing his job as an elected leader by flawed and unjust impeachment charges. Acquittal without prejudice is the only vote our elected Senators should reach on a bipartisan level.

That is the way I see it, here in Jackson.


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