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This past weekend my sons gifted me with a milestone birthday party. It was mainly a small number of family members. It was intimate and beautiful. Their wives and children helped them do a lot of preparation which made it even more special. My heart is full with love and gratitude.

Raising two boys, six years apart in age, kept us on our toes for sure. Luckily where one was quieter the other was everywhere at once. We were never sure if we did too much or too little and worried a lot about their health, happiness and future. However, as they grew into men and finished schooling and got jobs and wives and children of their own we could breathe with a deep happy sigh. As we observe them each his own man, we are filled with pride. Both of them are role model husbands, fathers, sons and all around remarkable human beings. Whatever we did it must have been right for them and we feel so Blessed by the Lord for guiding us and giving us such amazing and wonderful sons to love and cherish always.

During this party both of them took turns “roasting’ their mom, only my roasts were not jokes but wonderful, loving words like shooting arrows directly into my heart. The accolades they gave me and the love they shared for me was heartwarming for all who heard them. They each captured a portion of me and saw me in a most understanding and loving way. I was personally in awe of how truly they knew me inside and out. I wish all mothers could experience what I did from my sons because no matter how many words I write the profound and deep feelings they invoked in me simply cannot be expressed to match by just using words. I have always loved both of them with all my heart and never more so than during their “mom” speeches. Imbedded deeply inside me now until the day I am no longer here and treasured by me beyond measure!

My eldest son is a writer and authored the following poem in my honor. I want to share it with my readers because it is a testament to his talent, skill and compassion. Another cherished gift that will be with me for the remainder of my days.

A Memory of Mom

The sunlight came through the window

Gripped me and called me back

And the wind battered the sleepy bare

Branches of the hedge

Called me back to sunlight through the

Living room window

A large window, a Brooklyn window

Called me back to sunlight

Holding my mother’s hair, the fire

Hair – red and orange and gold

Hair long against her shoulders

Long against her back

Called me back to small enough

To sit in her lap

In her lap where we played clapping

Games and she was smiling a smile

Like my smile

And the sunlight held her hair and

Burned red and orange and gold

And her smile was like my smile

When her fingers danced ghostly

Alphabets on my back for me to


On my back small enough to fit

Safe in her lap

In the orange lounge chair by

The large Brooklyn window the

Sunlight came in where we sat

And played and held my mother’s

Red and orange and gold hair

And it burned blinding and bright

And she was smiling like my smile

And the wind battered the sleepy

Bare branches of the hedge

And, yet, the wind battered the sleepy

Bare branches of the hedge

~Rocco Thomas Napoli

My youngest, their dad, my eldest!

And That is the Way I See It, here in Jackson!


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