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My son, the published author

I am so excited today! My eldest son, Rocky (Rocco) Napoli has published his first short story today on!

It feels like eons since he first told me about his dream of being a published author.  To know Rocky is to love him.  He is intelligent, charismatic and possesses a way with words that can transcend your imagination.  Sure, people are going to proclaim I say these things cause I am his mother, but that just isn’t the case.  As he can tell you himself, I am his biggest critic.  Not that I mean to be or that I have malicious intent, no, no far from it!  I have always been so very proud of him and feel that I know him well.  He has never been ordinary, he has always been extraordinary and has shown his father and I a deep and compassionate soul.  His understanding of whatever subject matter was before him consistently astounds us from his unique perspective and profound understanding.  He often spoke about publishing a novel and pursuing a career as a writer and now he has set down his foot on that path.  While this is just the very beginning with the publication of his first short story, I have no doubt that he has begun a journey of discovery and self-appreciation, which he so aptly deserves.

You can PURCHASE and read his first short story at the following: image

(search for The Paper Boat on in books)

I hope you will enjoy this intriguing and mesmerizing short read into the fascinating psyche of a promising author.   The Paper Boat is a story that anyone with a good imagination and a wish for acceptance will thoroughly enjoy!  Happy reading!

And that is The Way I See It, here in Brooklyn!


One response to “My son, the published author”

  1. I’ve been looking to buy an electronic reader & probably get a Kindle but I’m sure there are cheaper ones out there.  Any suggestions?   Also just spotted your son’s book.  Please let people know they can get an app for their computer to read like a Kindle & it’s free.  Amazon offers it.  I wouldn’t want to sit at my computer reading a book though.  I think I’m going to purchase an old Kindle from Amazon for $109 that they’re offering.  If you know of anything cheaper, please let me know.  xxooHave patience, I’ll get up to date with technology.  When I retired AT&T gave me a smart phone for my retirement, one of the very first & never used it.  Still sits in the box, hate cells.  Only use them for emergency.  Feel they’re the cigarettes of the 21st Century.  You know I had a plug in my left ear & so did many others who have or had cancer now so I really hate them.  Don’t let your grandchild get too much into them.  I worry about the kids.  xxooPattie


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