I’m Back

Busy summer!
Summertime and the living is easy!

Well I’ve not been blogging lately due to medical issues for both Rocco and myself.  Rocco was taken by surprise by vertigo which took its toll on him and left him quite incapable of performing the most mundane of tasks; including work and driving.  I needed to go for additional tests, which is a long story and one I don’t wish to go into at this time.  However, I missed my blog and blogging I couldn’t wait any longer to write!  Rocco is on the mend, as a matter of fact he returned to work for the first time today, my fingers are crossed that it will be an uneventful day for him.  

My son Rocky and his family have just bought their first home and we are excited for them.  We cannot wait to see it and help him get everything together. Jeffy has been on vacation in Florida with his girl, Maggie and her family.  They returned over the past weekend and work has already captured them! So everyone has been busy this summer and our chance to be all together is very limited. 

I have been thinking a great deal about some interesting topics for my blog and hopefully soon I will be able to share those thoughts with you, my readers.  Meanwhile, please enjoy the remaining weeks of summer and remember to have fun in the sun! 

And that’s the Way I See It here in Brooklyn! 


Author: K

As an average, American born woman I've decided to write and share my thoughts and beliefs in a blog. This blog will be very simple and hopefully click with the rest of the people out there, who feel as I do, but just can't express it with words, on a variety of subjects. I'm not a researcher. I'm not a scholar. I'm not anything other than an average American who has opinions about a multitude of issues and I'm tired of holding them inside myself and bending the ears of my family and close personal friends. I'm not claiming I'll always get it "right". I'm not claiming any political or religious affiliations. What I am claiming is my privilege as an American to exude free speech. I will be honest, straightforward and probably extremely wordy. At times I may share my own photos or my own recipes or just my own gripes, but most times I will attempt to share how my peers feel about current issues and why my generation of friends and acquaintances can't grasp society's lack of common sense today. I may unintentionally offend people, I will absolutely make mistakes and errors because I am first and foremost a human being and we all know no one is perfect. I most likely will never have facts and figures and I mean NEVER. This blog will totally express how I see things and I expect there will be plenty of counter opinions and possible argumentative theories about what I will express so I will respect that and accept it as my risk for writing this blog. Just having the option in this great country of ours to create a blog, is to me a privilege I would defend to the end!

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