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This audio piece was created by my good friend who has shown me that inside we are all the same regardless of what culture we are born into, no matter what religion we become or don’t become. We all bleed when we are cut, we all cry when we are hurting, we all laugh when we are happy. We all feel things no matter how they start. We all have experiences that teach us, affect us even shape us. But our natural instincts are basic. Once everything else is stripped away we are simply human. How we handle those varied experiences depends on a thousand things and our learned behavior that which we have absorbed takes precedence. Yet, the feeling that emerges from deep within either depresses us, eludes us, or elates us. The caring part becomes a battlefield depending again on the psyche we have formed. That unconscious battle is what leads us down the path to no hope or the path to only hope. It then becomes a journey of a lifetime to find the one that feeds us life and light. It’s not an easy task or even one we are aware exists, it’s just there and we, individually alone, or with professional guidance must deal with that battle.

This audio piece which was produced and shared shows us that journey through an individual’s battle. Which though never ends but instead finds that glimmer that shines brightly for others. A glimmer that once grabbed onto, one never truly wishes to let go. The glimmer that “hope springs eternal” comes to my own mind. Though I have battled my own field of “hope doesn’t exist” and won, doesn’t mean I have forgotten though who lost theirs to that dark “no hope path”. Sharing this piece from my friend, Miguel, helps me to memorialize those who have touched my life, whether still here or gone. This piece is expertly done and touches the far reaches of a person whose journey is only just beginning or near its’ end. It is my fervent hope that it will shine that glimmer unconsciously and internally on those who cannot see it or feel it outwardly. Why? Because each of us are all the same…human.

And that’s The Way I See It Here in Jackson


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As an average, American born woman I’ve decided to write and share my thoughts and beliefs in a blog. This blog will be very simple and hopefully click with the rest of the people out there, who feel as I do, but just can’t express it with words, on a variety of subjects.


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